FlyerTech launches new AOC Services Suite support package for start-up airlines

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The process of starting an airline involves negotiating a myriad of complexities. Often, the highest obstacles to clear in that process relate to maintaining regulatory compliance of vital functions such as aircraft fleet management, operations control and planning, and aircraft maintenance.

Setting up and maintaining such functions in-house can present a major burden for any startup airline, while financing and resourcing them to be available on a 24/7 basis presents another. Additionally, securing the best personnel with the right expertise and experience in these fields is increasingly difficult in the current employment market, while retaining these employees in any organization will remain a constant challenge.

It is failing to successfully navigate all these obstacles that can cause the failure of many airline start-ups before they ever get airborne.

Introducing the AOC Services Suite

To remove these complexities from the airline start-up process, FlyerTech, under the Gama Aviation Group umbrella, has introduced a comprehensive all-in-one fleet management package designed specifically for start-ups. With headquarters in the UK and FBO and maintenance facilities worldwide, the new AOC Services Suite offers a cost-effective one-stop solution for all essential operational services required to run an airline.

The roll-out of FlyerTech’s new AOC Services Suite marks an innovative advancement in fully integrated operational support services, setting a new benchmark for the industry. As an all-encompassing economic solution, the AOC Services Suite functions as the operational core of an airline, while also offering  24/7 maintenance and AOG support services.

The AOC Services Suite allows airlines to effortlessly outsource all facets of their operations to FlyerTech as their sole provider. Additionally, the AOC Services Suite offers airlines the assurance of risk management solutions, regulatory compliance, cost savings, scalability, and flexibility all from a centralized source.

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Offering fully integrated bespoke aircraft support services, the AOC Services Suite takes care of all airline support requirements relating to Continued Airworthiness and Maintenance Organization (CAMO), Operations Control Center (OCC), Maintenance Control Centre (MCC), flight planning and trip support, FBO services, ferry flights, Part 21J and Part 145 services, and much more. 

The new service provides support across an airline’s entire operation, from aircraft management, maintenance planning, fleet acquisition, flight operations support, and software management. The aim of the AOC Service Suite is to develop a cost-optimization service to empower start-ups to efficiently manage their fleet initiation and to address the challenge of the prohibitive costs associated with maintaining a 24/7 AOG team. Additionally, it eradicates the need to outsource the various aspects of fleet and operations management to several suppliers, which can lead to the loss of vital synergies along the way.

The efficiencies offered by the AOC Services Suite significantly reduce the time airline executives need to dedicate to aircraft fleet and operations management, allowing more time to concentrate on other key areas of their business.


FlyerTech is aiming for its AOC Services Suite to become the preferred choice for start-up airlines, and the company is currently expanding its team of skilled engineers in both MCC and AOG support to meet this objective. With the roll-out of the AOC Services Suite, FlyerTech’s objective is to fortify its services by providing comprehensive support to foster the success of start-up airline operations.

“Our new AOC Services Suite at FlyerTech represents a significant step forward in how start-up airlines can efficiently manage their operations,” said Paul Cremer, Head of Aviation Delivery at Gama Aviation. “With this comprehensive solution, we’re empowering our clients to streamline their fleet initiation process, optimize costs, and receive seamless support across all operational aspects. We’re confident that this suite will establish a new benchmark for operational excellence in the aviation industry.”

AOC Services Suite – A fully integrated solution

FlyerTech is part of the globally renowned and respected Gama Aviation Group. Founded in 1983, Gama Aviation has consistently worked to the simple principle of delivering its clients’ missions with dedication & passion. While FlyerTech is the primary organization within the Group offering the AOC Services Suite, other Group organizations contribute expertise in their respective fields to create this world-leading all-inclusive package of support services.

The collaboration between member organizations of the Gama Aviation Group means that users of the AOC Services Suite benefit from a wealth of expertise drawn from a wide range of aviation-related activities in a reliable and cost-effective way.

FlyerTech’s dedicated team excels in technical management, smooth fleet transitions, and provides successful project management solutions for high-risk programs. Being part of th Gama Aviation Group means that FlyerTech brings extensive independent professional unbiased knowledge and technical expertise to any start-up airline project. Through seamless collaboration with other organizations within the Group, FlyerTech can offer comprehensive and integrated solutions across the entire aviation spectrum.

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We were able to turn around at both airports in less than 30 mins this is only achievable through great teamwork and your team stepped up!” – Operations Control Centre service user.

You managed to keep focused right to the end to enable us to gain Technical Acceptance on the last of six aircraft over an 18-month period – a great achievement.” – major aircraft lessor.

Personally, it has been a real reassurance to know that you guys have been in the background moving mountains despite the other high-priority workload that you have had going on this afternoon.” – AOC Services Suite customer.

If it wasn’t for FlyerTech/Gama, the airline would never have launched so quickly. I hope you can reproduce this model for many other start-up airlines. The collaboration between MCC and the CAMO has been exceptional.” – AOC Services Suite customer.

About FlyerTech

FlyerTech brings its AOC Services Suite to the market with unparalleled experience in the aviation support services sector. Since its establishment in 2001, FlyerTech has worked with a variety of clients across a broad range of industry sectors from multinational airlines, startups, business jet AOC holders, financial institutions, leasing companies, and private aircraft owners.

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With a record of providing unrivaled operational support services over the past 23 years, FlyerTech has provided essential support services worldwide to diverse airlines ranging from small start-ups to large multinational airlines. The company takes pride in empowering secure and efficient fleet management, fostering operational excellence, and ensuring success across all its activities.

Further information

Further information regarding the AOC Services Suite and its full range of benefits can be obtained from Mathea Head at FlyerTech by telephone at +44 7826 913053 (email or Paul Cremer at Gama Aviation at +44 7764 470005 (email


Additionally, the FlyerTech team will be attending the following events throughout 2024 and would be delighted to discuss in more detail what the AOC Services Suite can offer to your organization.

  • MRO Middle East: March 5-6, 2024 (Booth 750)
  • Aeropodium Continuing Airworthiness Management Summit: March 15, 2024
  • ISTAT EMEA: September 22-24, 2024 (Registration pending)
  • MRO Asia-Pacific: September 25-26, 2024 (Booth 1537)
  • MRO Europe: October 24-26, 2024 (Booth 6121)
  • Aeropodium Start-Up Business Plan Development and Operation: November 8, 2024

Alternatively, more information regarding the AOC Services Suite is available at

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