Four Jetstar cabin crew hospitalized after being overcome by fumes on flight

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Four Jetstar cabin crew members were taken to hospital after falling ill from aircraft fumes on a domestic flight.

Flight JQ 966 arrived at Cairns Airport (CNS) from Coolangatta Airport (OOL) in the Gold Coast at around 09:30 local time on May 30, 2024.

Passengers had disembarked the A320 aircraft when crew members noticed an unusual smell and began to feel nauseous.

One crew member started to feel faint and had to be supported by a colleague so she would not fall, a spokesperson for the airline told Australian media outlets.

Queensland Ambulance Service attended to crew members, who were given oxygen at the scene. Paramedics said the flight attendants experienced nausea, headaches, burning in their eyes and lightheadedness after reportedly being exposed to fumes on the aircraft.

The cabin crew members are now in stable condition and the aircraft will be investigated for the source of the fumes.

A similar incident occurred in December 2023 when three Spirit Airlines flight attendants were hospitalized in the United States after they were exposed to fumes while carrying out preflight checks on an aircraft. 

Troopers were sent to Atlantic City International Airport (ACY) and the flight attendants were subsequently taken to a nearby hospital for medical evaluation. 

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