Frontier flight diverted to Dallas after woman claimed she’d been ‘kidnapped’

Collin Rugg / Twitter

A Frontier Airlines flight bound for Denver International Airport (DEN) was forced to divert to Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW) after a woman onboard created a commotion, making claims that she had been “kidnapped”.

The incident occurred on November 16, 2023, flight F9 1161 departed from Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) at around 13:39 local time.

Not long after the flight took off, chaos in the cabin took place when a woman started screaming at passengers and crew, saying she had been kidnapped.

The mid-air ruckus was caught on video by fellow passengers onboard, and clips were uploaded and shared on various social media pages.

At one point, the woman can be seen climbing over other passengers, as another woman can be heard saying that the unruly passenger was “possessed.”

The scene became more chaotic as other passengers tried to contain the woman, and another passenger, likely triggered by the mayhem, started singing gospel songs and shouting bible verses.

The flight, operated by an Airbus A320neo, then had to divert to Dallas and safely landed at DFW airport at 14:55 local time. Three passengers–the woman who started the commotion, the gospel singer, and another man involved in the disruption–were removed from the flight. 

Image: FlightAware

The flight continued on to Denver and eventually arrived at almost 18:00 local time.

AeroTime has reached out to Frontier Airlines for a statement and to confirm whether the woman really had been kidnapped.

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