How did a passenger manage to bring a bread knife onboard a flight?

Singapore_Incidents / TikTok

Flight passengers know all about the frustrations of having seemingly innocent items confiscated because they are not allowed as carry on. 

Water bottles and toiletries beyond certain measurements, spray deodorants—these are just some items that are prohibited onboard. 

That is why people are scratching their heads over a video clip of a passenger who was able to bring a full-sized bread knife onboard a flight. 

The video clip, uploaded by Singapore Incidents, shows an unidentified passenger casually using the knife to cut up a loaf of bread. The passenger then hands the knife to his companion, who had a cup of coffee on their tray table. 

Though the flight and airline is not identified in the TikTok post, a close look at the video clip shows that it occurred onboard a Vietravel Airlines plane. 

The video was met with worried and frustrated comments, with some saying they could not even bring a bottle of water onto flights. 

Vietravel Airlines is a four year-old Vietnamese carrier whose first flight took place in December 2020. 

It is based out of Phu Bai International Airport (HUI) in the city of Hue, in the north central coast of Vietnam. It currently operates on a fleet of three aircraft: Airbus A321-211 and Airbus A319-100.

The carrier flies to domestic destinations within Vietnam. 

AeroTime has reached out to Vietravel Airlines requesting for a statement on the video. 

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