Pilot pulls off heart-stopping recovery as helicopter plummets to earth: video

Honopu Beach Hawaii helicopter crash
Kaua‘i Fire Department

A helicopter pilot has been widely praised after he drew on his years of experience to prevent a catastrophe during a scenic tour flight in Kauai, Hawaii.  

The incredible incident unfolded on February 27, 2024, after four passengers and the chief pilot of Jack Harter Helicopters toured the idyllic Hawaiian island to take in its breathtaking views from above.  

It had been previously reported by local media that the MD500E helicopter lost power while flying above Honopu Beach at around 13:30.  

Despite the life-threatening circumstances the pilot was able to land the helicopter on Honopu Beach. One passenger suffered a back injury due to a hard landing.  

Now footage of the incident had emerged from inside the helicopter, giving a heart-stopping insight into the dramatic moments when the aircraft began to plummet towards the ground. 

In the video the engine can be heard losing power and as the camera pans up the rotor blades appear to slow down.  

As warning signals begin to sound the outlook for those on board looks bleak.  

However, under incredible pressure and with four people’s lives in his hands the pilot somehow manages to maneuver the helicopter to land on Honopu Beach.  

In a post on X (formally Twitter) @thenewarea51 explains that after the helicopter lost power the pilot would have had to “manipulate” the controls in a “delicate balance” to counter act gravity pulling the aircraft down.  

In a post on its Facebook page, Jack Harter Helicopter said following the incident it notified all “federal and local government officials and agencies including the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), State Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) and County of Kauai, police, fire and rescue”. 

The company added: “We wish to extend our appreciation and aloha for all of the efforts and support during this time. With the community’s assistance, we were able to get immediate care and treatment to those on board, and to remove the wreckage within 24 hours to limit any damage or harm to the environment.” 

The company added that following the incident the injured passenger was discharged from hospital. 

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