Jetstar passengers scramble for suitcases after carousel mishap at Bali Airport

Justinekeep / TikTok

Some travelers have experienced the inconvenience of their luggage being lost or delayed during a flight. But not many can say that they have experienced chaos at the baggage carousel on arrival.

This was what passengers on Jetstar flight JQ57 from Brisbane Airport (BNE) to I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) in Bali experienced when they arrived on March 16, 2024.

A video of the chaotic incident was captured by a passenger who went on to share the chaotic moment on social media. In the footage, dozens of suitcases can be seen beginning to pile up on top of each other before falling to the floor.

Other passengers can be seen frantically searching through the growing pile of bags to find their own belongings. 

The passenger who shot the footage said in the comments section under the video clip that a number of passengers tried to find the emergency stop button on the carousel, but had no success. 

A spokesperson for Jetstar told Australian media that it would contact BNE to investigate the cause of the incident. 

The mishap occurred almost a month after the Bali Provincial Government announced in February 2024 that foreign tourists would now have to pay a tourism tax of IDR 150,000 ($10.00) before entering the county.

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