Medical service corgi flies business class with British Airways

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A job well done should be well-rewarded, and one dog in particular is happily enjoying the perks that come with his role.

Some of you may recall Winston, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi that AeroTime introduced back in March 2023.  Winston is a medical service alert dog and, as per British Airways’ pet travel rule, service animals can fly inside the aircraft cabin free of charge. 

Winston’s human recently took to Instagram to share a picture of his service pet on another British Airways flight, this time snoozing comfortably under the duvet of British Airways’ Club World (business class) cabin.

Winston seems to frequent the eight hour 45 minute Miami International Airport (MIA) to London-Heathrow Airport (LHR) route and, based on comments on the Instagram post, flight attendants are delighted to have him on board. One flight attendant that served on the flight with Winston even wrote a comment saying she will have to request Miami flights often in order to fly with him again.

Medical service dogs are permitted to fly with British Airways if they meet the following requirements: 

  • be individually trained in specific tasks to assist you with your disability or medical condition
  • have had behavioral training and show appropriate behavior in public and onboard an aircraft
  • wear an identifying jacket/harness, and
  • remain under your control at all times

There are a handful of other documents such as health and training certificates that the airline needs to see before accepting an animal on board as a service dog. 

British Airways does not allow emotional support animals in the cabin and, according to Celebrity Pets, Winston provides medical service alerts in the event of his owner’s seizures. 

To date, Winston has flown 51 flights across six countries. 

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