Watch this cute Corgi fly in British Airways business class

A corgi's butt was spotted on a British Airways business class between Miami and London
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The owners of a cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi called Winston have shared the experience of flying with their dog on a British Airways flight between Miami International Airport (MIA) and London Heathrow Airport (LHR). 

The video, which was posted on the social media network Instagram, showed the owners and their Corgi Winston’s journey between MIA and LHR on a Boeing 787. They also shared tips on how to travel successfully between the two countries, including which documents you need to prepare beforehand. 

On a geekier note, British Airways offers two daily flights between MIA and LHR. A Boeing 787 Dreamliner operates on flight BA208, with flight BA209 as the corresponding service between the British capital and Florida’s second-largest city. The company also operates an Airbus A380 between LHR and MIA on flight BA207, with flight BA206 as the return itinerary. 

But a cute corgi butt on is a sight to behold on any flight! 

The aforementioned document list includes an animal health certificate or a European Union (EU) pet passport, a rabies vaccine, microchip, and medication against tapeworms between one and five days before arriving at your destination. 

However, guide or service dogs are only allowed in the cabin, according to the owner’s post. The dog’s travel must be approved beforehand, and if it is a service/guide dog, it is necessary to provide training qualifications, the dog’s trainer’s qualifications, and a doctor’s note as to why the owner requires a service dog on a flight. 

Winston, per the owner’s comments on the Instagram post, is a “medical alert dog for seizures”. 

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