Passengers amused at airline’s ‘new method’ of throwing snacks down the aisle

@lost_in_locale Instragram

Apart from its low cost fares, Southwest Airlines is known for its great customer service and friendly rapport with passengers. 

That’s why, when the airline sent in-flight snacks sliding down the aisle, passengers seemed to take it in their stride and found it amusing.

Instagram user @lost_in_locale uploaded a video clip of what they said was a Southwest Airlines flight’s new “self-service” strategy.

Reel from: @Lost_in_locale

The video shows in-flight snacks sliding down the aisle and passengers gamely catching them.

The poster said in the comments that it was a “show” that the airline put on as the aircraft was taking off, so the snacks slid down the aisle naturally.

The video gathered plenty of positive comments from bemused passengers, one of them saying it was a “win-win” situation because everyone gets their meals sooner, and the flight attendants finish their job early.

The poster explained that Southwest Airlines is known for cracking jokes for its passengers, and this incident was one of them. “The flight attendant said, ‘wait till you see the drinks come down’. LOL.”

Another comment, from someone who also seemed to be on the flight, expressed their appreciation of the “new” meal service method: “We loved it. Thought it was fun! Guy in the aisle seat caught some for us.”

Though the majority of the comments were positive, there were some who expressed concern over hygiene. “I love when my food slides along a floor that thousands of people have walked on in their dirty shoes,” one remarked. 

AeroTime reached out to Southwest Airlines for a comment.

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