Pilot captures ‘horrible’ turbulence on video, gives advice on how to not panic

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An off-duty pilot captured what he called “one of the worst” cases of turbulence on video while on a flight to his honeymoon destination. 

Newlywed Jimmy Nicholson, along with his wife, was flying to Barcelona from Italy for their honeymoon.

The footage he took showed passengers screaming as the Airbus aircraft rocked and shook violently. 

Sydney-based Nicholson, who is a commercial pilot, said that the turbulence was “some of the worst I’ve ever felt”. 

“It’s a short flight, it’s not comfortable,” he added. 

Nicholson’s wife can be seen looking shaken and at one point reached for the passenger sickness bag.

Nicholson took the chance to give some quick advice on how to deal with fear and anxiety when passengers encounter rough turbulence.


Horrible turbulence on our flight today. Im a Pilot and actually fly this aircaft type (Airbus). Here’s why you have nothing to worry about #pilot #turbulence

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His first advice was to remind yourself that turbulence is completely normal and that “the plane isn’t going to fall out of the sky.”

Nicholson also showed the water bottle trick, where you hold a water bottle during turbulence, and if the water is not moving that much, then it’s not bad.

He then said it’s a good idea to turn the air conditioning on, or increase the vent, and try to look out the window. 

Nicholson and his wife were also seated at the back of the plane, where he said turbulence can be felt the most, so it might be good to avoid those seats.

“It could be widespread storms, so they just have to pick their path of least resistance and go through it,” Nicholson explained.

He further added: “Nothing to worry about, planes are built to withstand way worse.”

The next video clip showed passengers applauding, presumably after the flight had made it through the turbulence.

Nicholson joined in the cheer, saying “this one deserves a clap, and pilots earned their money today.”

Nicholson and his wife met through season 2021 of television series The Bachelor in Australia.

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