Russia certifies new turboprop engine following deadly crash

TV-117ST-01 engine on Il-114-300
United Engine Corporation

The Russian Federal Agency for Air Transport (Rosaviatsiya) has issued a type certificate for the controversial Klimov TV7-117ST-01 turboprop engine.  

However, problems with the engine have been identified as a cause of an Il-112V transport aircraft crash in August 2021, which resulted in the deaths of three people.  

The TV-7-117ST-01 is a version of the engine intended for the Il-114-300, an upcoming Russian regional aircraft.  

High hopes

According to a post published on Rosaviatsiya’s Telegram channel, certification of the engine is the first step towards certification of the aircraft itself.  

Klimov is currently working on the next version of the same engine, intended for another upcoming regional aircraft, the TVRS-44 Ladoga, the post added.  

Development of the TV7-117 was initiated in the late 1980s and the engine was used in limited numbers on various Russian regional aircraft, helicopters and boats.  

The heavily modernized ST version of the engine was developed between 2014-2016 and has been in testing since 2016.  

It is specifically designed for a new generation of Russian passenger and transport turboprops which include both the Il-112V and the Il-114-300.  

Cause of a tragic crash 

The engine has been heavily criticized after the crash of an Il-112V prototype near Moscow on August 17, 2021.  

The accident, which was caught on camera, occurred during a regular test flight of the aircraft. Three people, including one of the most decorated Russian test pilots, died in the crash.  

While the result of an official investigation into the crash has yet to be published, a stalled engine has been named as the most likely cause. 

Other aircraft equipped with the TV7-117, including the Il-114 and the Mi-38 transport helicopter, were temporarily grounded in late August 2022.  

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