Ryanair buys 1,000 tons of SAF from Shell, enough to power over 200 flights

Ryanair Jet airplanes interior empty view.
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In an effort to demonstrate Ryanair’s continued commitment to achieve net zero by 2050, Europe’s busiest airline has announced the purchase of 1,000 tons of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) from Shell. 

According to Ryanair, the SAF, which will be supplied to the airline at Stansted Airport (STN) in the United Kingdom (UK), is enough fuel to power 200 flights to Madrid.  

The latest purchase is part of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement between Ryanair and Shell signed in 2022 to provide the airline with 360,000 tons of SAF between 2025 and 2030. 

Ryanair says this volume of SAF could save up to 900,000 tons in CO2 emissions. 

As well as using SAF, Ryanair is investing heavily in new technology aircraft, including a $22 billion investment in Boeing 737-8200s which reduce CO2 emissions by 16%, and a further $40 billion for 300 Boeing 737 MAX 10 aircraft which reduce CO2 emissions by 20%. 

The carrier is also working with Trinity College Dublin in the Ryanair Sustainable Aviation Research Centre to advance its decarbonization commitments. 

“Ryanair continues to lead the way in sustainable aviation. As demonstrated today at Stansted, by using SAF, the latest engine technologies and electric ground handling equipment, we are making significant investments to decarbonize our operations and achieve our commitments of net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and 25% less CO2 emissions per passenger/km by 2031,” said Ryanair’s Director of Sustainability and Finance, Thomas Fowler. 

Fowler added: “Our partners at Shell and MAG are key enablers of these goals, and today’s announcement of Ryanair’s purchase of 1,000 tons of SAF from Shell is testament to that. We will continue to work with our partners across the network to make every Ryanair flight as environmentally efficient as possible.”    

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