Sky Vision Airlines receives world’s second Airbus A320P2F converted freighter 

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Cairo-based Sky Vision Airlines has received the world’s second A320P2F. The aircraft is managed by the UAE-based Vaayu Group and has been leased to the Egyptian carrier for an undisclosed period. The Vaayu Group also owns the world’s first A320P2F freighter, which is currently in lease to India-based Pradhaan Air Express. 

The second aircraft (MSN2724) was converted by EFW, ST Engineering’s joint venture company with Airbus, and is leased to the Vaayu Group from Juniper Aviation Investments, ST Engineering’s freighter aircraft leasing division. In a deal announced in December 2021, the Vaayu Group is taking up to five of the type in total, which first flew on December 8, 2021.  

The latest aircraft to be delivered is an 18.2-year-old A320-200 that first flew in March 2006. It spent the first 11 years flying for Tiger Air out of Singapore before being transferred to Scoot Airlines, also in Singapore. Having spent a period not flying, the aircraft then flew for defunct Greek airline Orange2Fly between June 2018 and March 2020 before being acquired by Juniper Investments for conversion to freighter configuration. It is now flying for Sky Vision Airlines registered as SU-SKD.   

“Vaayu’s vision is to become a significant player in the air cargo space in the years to come,” said Vaayu Group’s Chairman and President, Emad Al Monayea. “Our second aircraft is quite strategic considering the opportunities the Middle East and North Africa presents.” 

“We are happy to take delivery of MSN 2724 with V2500 engines to start our cargo operations,” said Sky Vision Airlines’ CEO, Amr Ebd El Zaher. “We are pleased to with the fact that Vaayu has joined us since they bring with them a great record in the aviation sector. Their invaluable expertise and their single-minded plans to increase cargo capacity bodes well for us.” 

The A320P2F is converted from a standard passenger Airbus A320-200 airframe and features some crucial modifications to make it ideally suited to transport cargo instead of passengers. The type incorporates a revised crew-entry door (further forward from the normal position) which allows for a large main deck cargo door to be fitted forward of the wing. This configuration allows for volume and pallet positions to be maximized as a result, according to ST Engineering. 

The A320P2F represents a new solution proposed by aircraft manufacturers to meet the growing need of the cargo industry for freighter conversions, as airlines increasingly realize the potential of such planes. With the Boeing 737-800 having proved to be particularly popular in the short-haul narrowbody freight market, much is expected of the A320P2F which, along with its larger Airbus stablemate the A321P2F, are both considered to be strong competitors in the field. 

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The A320P2F can accommodate up to 10 ULD containers and one pallet position in the main deck, and seven container positions in the lower (underfloor) deck. The variant offers a gross payload of up to 21 tons at a maximum range of 1,850NM. It has a total usable containerized volume of 159m3 (approx. 5,600ft3), and the freighter aircraft boasts a stowage efficiency figure of 85% overall. 

“We are extremely encouraged by the demand for the A320P2F, which is a clear testimony of the versatility, benefits, and value that the freighter platform brings to the market,” said Tan Boon Keng, Senior Vice President and Head of Aircraft and Freighter Leasing at ST Engineering. 

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