Spirit Airlines cabin crew films passenger relieving herself on plane floor


What would you do if you could no longer hold it in? A Spirit Airlines passenger decided to relieve herself on the floor of the aircraft after allegedly being told that she could not use the aircraft lavatories. 

A video clip of the incident was uploaded online, and showed the unidentified woman squatting in the aircraft galley just outside the lavatory. 

“I need to piss two hours, you tell me you cannot — you close the doors,” the woman can be heard yelling while continuing her business.

“Just say hello to the camera for me,” the flight attendant can be heard behind the camera as she films the woman.

“I cannot hold the pee,” the woman told the flight attendant, who continued to tell her to say hello to the camera.

The flight attendant can then be heard advising the passenger to drink water “because your pee smells disgusting.” 

AeroTime reached out to Spirit Airlines for a statement and clarification why the lavatories could not be used.

There is currently no information on what flight this incident occurred.

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