To move or not to move? Airport queue photo sparks strong opinions

Bramanyuro / / mildlyinfuriating / reddit

This is the photograph that launched a thousand comments. 

A seemingly innocent shot of an airport check in queue. Except that there is a notable long gap between the two travelers. 

Image: mildlyinfuriating / reddit

The image, believed to have been taken at an airport in Argentina, was posted on social media reddit.

The poster said that when people approached the woman to move along the queue, she said that, “it’s the same whether I move now or later”.

The woman’s nonchalant attitude was met with a lot of fiery remarks and comments, more than 4,000 to be exact. 

The top comment, which received over 27,000 likes, said that the post is “making so many British people angry”.

Plenty other comments referenced Britain’s reputation of being a stickler for queues, while one comment from a user who introduced himself as American said that he finds the photo “irritating” adding: “I’ll bet she sits in the front of the plane and takes 20 minutes to get her sh*t out of the overhead compartment when the plane lands.”

A few said that they saw her point, with one saying: “Depending on how crowded the line is there may not be space to move in at the back. But disregarding that, she has a point.”

Others said that if this scenario happened in the US, the gap would have been filled immediately  by people behind the woman.

Hopefully, this scenario will soon be a thing of the past. Virtual queuing technology is currently being developed to lessen physical queues at airports.

The idea is for passengers to receive notifications when to arrive at gates or desks, eliminating long lines and crowds. 

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