Video captures married couple’s dramatic meltdown at airport over flight delay

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Traveling during the holiday season should come with a disclaimer: that cancellations and delays are to be expected. 

Although most people are aware of this, some travelers still become enraged when things– or flights, for that matter – don’t go as planned.

Married couple Dustin Miller and Anthony Thorne were recently filmed at North Carolina’s Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), going into a dramatic meltdown after finding out that their flight back to Florida with American Airlines was delayed.

Based on their communication caught on video, the couple is apparently devastated that they cannot be reunited with their dogs, whom they referred to as their ‘girls’, Shelby and Dolly.

In the clip, Miller can be seen in a heated conversation with airline staff. Not wanting things to escalate, Thorne pulls his husband aside. 

Trying to pacify his husband, Thorne implores him, “Remember your girls!” 

Miller, however, seems to have had enough and declares to other passengers, “Hello everybody! American Airlines f*cked us over!”

Thorne can be seen desperately trying to restrain his husband, saying, “You don’t care about your girls?”

When Miller seems determined to go on with his dramatic diatribe against American Airlines, Thorne makes an attempt to shake him to his senses, repeatedly reminding him of the girls’ names. “Shelby and Dolly! Shelby and Dolly!”, Thorne chants.

While the couple paces back and forth, a wheelchair passenger tries to tell them to stop, because her service dog appears to be getting worked up due to the couple’s melodramatic scene.

Initially, Miller tries to explain to the wheelchair passenger that he also has dogs, but the passenger tells him to “go away”. Miller turns his anger towards the passenger and shouts, “F*ck off, bitch!”

It is not known whether the couple has been charged for their behavior. 

The video has since gone viral, spawning a variety of memes. A parody video of the incident has also been created, complete with the couple’s original voice dialogue, but with two Ken dolls playing Miller and Thorne.

Intrigued by the couple, some people have searched through their social media accounts, where they have discovered a photo of Shelby and Dolly.

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