Volaris flight delayed when plagued by heavy swarm of mosquitoes in cabin

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We’ve all heard of snakes on a plane, but mozzies on a plane is something new. 

Nevertheless, a Volaris flight from Mexico’s Guadalajara Airport (GDL) to Mexico City Airport (MEX) on October 6, 2023, was delayed by over two hours when the aircraft cabin was plagued by a heavy swarm of mosquitoes. 

As seen in video footage taken by passengers onboard, cabin crew tried to take the buzz under control with heavy doses of insect repellant. Passengers can also be seen swatting the air using safety briefing cards.


A Mexican flight was delayed for several hours after the cabin was overrun by a swarm of mosquitoes. The incident occurred on October 6 aboard a Volaris flight that was scheduled to travel from Guadalajara to Mexico City. Passenger Elizabeth Esmeralda Minjarez Corona recorded footage of the incident, which shows flight attendants frantically waving their arms and spraying insect repellent as the mosquitoes fly about the cabin. The flight was initially slated to leave at 4:30pm but the mosquito swarm forced the plane to postpone its departure time until 7 pm. It’s unclear how the mosquitoes infiltrated the aircraft, but this isn’t the first time it’s happened at Guadalajara International Airport. In 2019, a similar mosquito infestation occurred aboard a Volaris flight. #mosquitos #maxicanflight #delayed

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Based on details from flight tracking site FlightAware, flight VOI221 eventually took off two hours and 27 minutes behind schedule. 

It is not known what caused the mosquito infestation, although a similar incident took place with the same airline in 2019.

A passenger who filmed the video of the 2019 flight said that passengers were told by Volaris that the situation was beyond the airline’s control  “due to the amount of stagnant water in the surroundings”.

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