Woman arrested after stabbing 3 people at Atlanta Airport security checkpoint

Mitch Jergensen / Sarah Nagem Twitter

Departing passengers at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s (ATL) domestic terminal witnessed a shocking scene after a knife-wielding woman faced off with airport police after stabbing three people.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of October 11, 2023. The suspect, identified by Atlanta media outlet WSBTV as Damaris Milton, 44, allegedly stabbed the cab driver who took her to the airport. 

Damaris then entered the airport, where she was encountered by airport police, who tried to contain her in one area. While police were coaxing Damaris to drop the knife, she stabbed a female airport staff member and an Atlanta Police Department (APD) officer. 

The police officer, aged 71, reportedly a retiree who returned to active service, suffered a severed artery after being stabbed in the thigh.

Passengers queuing at the security check area witnessed the incident, and a few were able to capture the scene on video and upload on social media X (formerly known as Twitter).

One clip showed Damaris pacing the area while holding the knife as police ordered her to drop the weapon. Damaris can be seen and heard reasoning with police while brandishing the knife.

Passengers in line were ordered by airport police to lay on the ground while the incident occurred.

Damaris was arrested and taken into custody after the encounter. The victims were taken to a hospital and no life-threatening injuries were reported.

Despite the disturbing incident, no flights were disrupted at Atlanta Airport.

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