Top 10 Most Beautiful Airline Liveries Of All Time

Sometimes it seems like the current liveries in the air are quite bland. A white fuselage with a colored tail and engine covers and winglets is the magic formula for airlines. And while there is a good reason why this is done, as paint can add quite a few pounds to the aircraft, we would wish there would be more livery variety nowadays.

But there are airlines which have kept their unique and magnificent liveries from the very first pages of aviation‘s history. Therefore, we present the top 10 most beautiful airline liveries of all time!

However, keep in mind these are not special liveries that airlines use to celebrate an occasion. These are your regular, scheduled flight liveries that you can or could have seen anywhere around the world!

10. Pan Am

Now I know my words will sound quite ironic, as Pan Am’s livery is literally a white fuselage with a colored logo on its tail. But hear me out – the livery is one of the most iconic liveries of all time. And not only because of the paint scheme. Pan Am was a huge airline at its peak when unfortunately it went bankrupt. It was the largest air carrier in the United States and was the unofficial flag carrier of the country. Plus, at the time it was very uncommon to carry liveries such as these, as airlines opted to paint their aircraft with wild colors. Because of the simple, yet the iconic look of Pan Am aircraft, they will always be engraved into aviation history.

Pan Am Boeing 747 Pan Am Boeing 747

9. Northwest Airlines “Bowling Shoe”

In 1989, Northwest Airlines introduced a new livery after a merger with Republic Airlines. Nicknamed “Bowling Shoe” by its employees, the paint scheme was designed by Landor Associates. The aircraft were painted in 3 different colors: Red, Grey and White at the bottom. The three colors are an excellent match and they have managed to create an incredible looking aircraft. Add a Boeing 747 into the mix, and you have a look that is going to withstand the trial of time. Unfortunately, Northwest used this livery only until 2003, when they switched to a more traditional look.

But the bowling shoe will hit a strike in everyone’s memories, as Northwest Airline’s history book had its last page written in 2010.

Northwest Airlines Boeing 747 Northwest Airlines Boeing 747

8. Aer Lingus old livery

Just last week Aer Lingus announced and showcased their new livery. The paint job received mixed reactions – some loved it, some hated it. Admittedly, we do not like it either. Simply put, the old livery had more “Irishness” to it. The green fuselage with the bright green shamrock on the tail truly represented Ireland around the world. As a livery of a flag carrier should do!

Old Aer Lingus Livery Old Aer Lingus Livery

7. Flybe

The regional airline that was recently bought out by Virgin Atlantic has magnificent looking aircraft. While most of the airlines have a white fuselage with a colored tail, Flybe has done the opposite. A purple fuselage and a white tail with their logo have created a pretty simple, yet beautiful look. Hopefully, Flybe is here to stay – or at least their brand, as we will dearly miss their livery.