Top 10 Best Special Aircraft Liveries Of All Time

As just recently we have discussed the most beautiful regular aircraft liveries, this time we are taking it up a notch. We are going to reveal what we think are the most beautiful special aircraft liveries that airlines have used ever since the beginning of aviation. Airlines paint an aircraft in a special livery to commemorate their birthdays or mark an important date in their history. To celebrate national holidays or to raise awareness towards a cause.

Whatever the case might be, a special livery leaves us starstruck when we get a chance to see one in an airport. Because an opportunity to see a special livery might present itself only once, as these liveries are rare!

Nevertheless, here are the top 10 aircraft that airlines have decorated with a special livery!

10. Embraer – Profit Hunter Special Livery

First up is Embraer. Yes, the aircraft manufacturer! To introduce its new E190-E2 regional jet, the company has decided to advertise the aircraft in a very unique way.

Embraer nicknamed the new jet “Profit Hunter”. The idea is that is so effective, that it hunts down profits like a shark. The jet went on a tour in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, catching looks everywhere it goes. The Brazilian manufacturer set out a goal to increase the awareness of the new jet.

Needless to say, the plan has worked. The Shark turned heads round everywhere it went.

Sadly, we as passengers would not be able to fly the “Profit Hunter”. Embraer used the livery to advertise their jets and no airline uses it commercially.

Nevertheless, the special livery is definitely one of the most interesting marketing solutions. Embraer E190 Profit Hunter Special Livery Embraer E190 Profit Hunter Special Livery

9. South African Airways – Boeing 747 Ndizani Livery

South African Airways painted the Queen Of The Skies to commemorate the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. The Jumbo Jet carried the hopes of South Africa to new heights. South African Airways called it the Ndziani – flying to new heights.

Decorated in the colors of the flag of South Africa, you can also see the silhouettes of people. As for the Jumbo Jet carrying hopes of the nation, South Africa won 5 medals in total in Atlanta. Suffice to say, the Boeing 747 definitely did help!

Unfortunately, South African Airways retired the 747 in 2004. The airline scrapped the jet for parts and metal in 2008. So, another special aircraft that none of us would be able to fly or see anymore.

That fact makes us sad, as the plane looks absolutely stunning in this livery! South African Airways Ndizani Boeing 747 South African Airways Ndizani Boeing 747

8. Qantas – Boeing 747 Nalanji Dreaming Livery

For over 20 years now, Qantas has honored indigenous Australians with special liveries on their aircraft. The airline released the first of 5 designs in 1994, painting a Boeing 747 in the Wunala Dreaming special livery.

A year later, Qantas dedicated another Boeing 747 to celebrate the heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. This time, the airline called the livery Nalanji Dreaming. Nalanji means Our Place.

And this livery has absolutely won a place in our hearts, as it is absolutely dreamy! Qantas Nalanji Dreaming Boeing 747 Qantas Nalanji Dreaming Boeing 747

Again, Qantas retired the 747 Jumbo in 2005, meaning you won’t see it in the sky anytime soon.

7. Hi Fly – Airbus A330 Turn The Tide On Plastic Livery

Hi Fly, a charter airline based in Portugal. To raise awareness against plastic floating in the world’s oceans, the airline cooperated with a Portuguese boat with the same name as the livery. The boat competed in the Volvo Ocean Race in 2017-2018, finishing 5th in the competition.