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Zivile Zalagenaite
Lufthansa maintenance goes wrong, three workers injured

Spirit Airlines 31-strong Airbus A319 fleet appears to have just gotten one airplane short. An A319-100 was seriously damaged while under maintenance and is now in storage. ...

AeroTime Team
BEA deems vague ATC instructions culprit of A319, A320 near miss

French Bureau of Enquiry and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety (BEA) deems “inadequate phraseology” as the culprit of a near-miss incident at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport back in 2014. At the time, two passenger planes ‒ Bulgaria Air’s A319 and Freebird Airlines’ A320 ‒ came dangerously close to each other on an intersecting runway.  ...

Ruta Burbaite
After fall of Germania, subsidiary rebrands as new Chair Airlines

Switzerland has a new airline and it will commence operations under the name of Chair Airlines. The leisure carrier is the successor to Germania Flug, one of the two subsidiaries of Germania, which declared bankruptcy in early 2019....

AeroTime Team
British Airways resurrects more historic aircraft liveries

British Airways is celebrating centenary with a series of heritage liveries. Since February 2019, BA is rolling out aircraft painted in distinct designs of airlines no longer in existence, but firmly in its own DNA. Take a look.  ...

Ruta Burbaite
HNA unable to pay A330 order worth $1B, costing Airbus millions

Airbus faces a logjam of undelivered A330s, worth over $1B, for airlines affiliated to the debt-ridden HNA Group, following a deadlock over late payments....