Ruta Burbaite
World’s largest jet engine is getting ready to power Boeing 777X

The debut of the biggest turbine engine in the world installed on the largest plane Boeing ever built is closer than you might think. Reports indicate the airframer has finally paired the gigantic GE9X engine with its highly anticipated 777X jet, the latest version of the long-haul wide-body 777 airliner. The flight test plane is set to roll out next month showcasing its massive power plant....

Ruta Burbaite
Boeing 777X first flight delayed as GE redesigns GE9X component

GE Aviation revealed on June 17, 2019, that it is redesigning a part for the in-development GE9X engine set to power the Boeing 777X after an issue with the component was detected during recent testing. The upgrades mean certification of the engine is unlikely to take place until Autumn 2019 and will delay the maiden flight of the 777X by “several months” as the necessary fixes are applied....

AeroTime Extra
World's Biggest Jet Engine: First Testing

World's biggest jet engine tested for the first time. Engine certification is anticipated in 2018, around the same time as first flight of the 777X....