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The Record for the Most Passengers on an Aircraft

Operation SolomonAn amazing record was set on 24 May 1991 when 1086 Ethiopian Jews were evacuated to Israel on an  aircraft. This exceeded the normal capacity of a passenger jumbo jet  more than twice In order to do so, seats were removed to accommodate the maximum number of passengers. .Also this was the first time so many people travelled  in a commercial airliner.

When they landed in Jerusalem, there were 1088 passengers. Two babies were born during the that flight.There were 39 more flights  which has evacuated a total of 14,200 Jews to their land from Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, in 24 hours. The evacuation that was named  ‘Operation Solomon’, had been carefully planned for some weeks with the diplomatic assistance of the United States, and President Bush personally requested Ethiopian government for permission to be granted to proceed with the operation.The  El Al national airline of Israel, took part in  co-ordinate the whole evacuation.