Rolls-Royce launch new effort for supersonic propulsion

Reaction Engines

Rolls-Royce and Reaction Engines will partner to develop high-speed aircraft propulsion systems for civil and defense aerospace gas and hybrid-electric engines.  

Mark Thompson, Director of Global Strategy and Business Development, said that Rolls-Royce has been working closely with Reaction Engines for the past two years. Still, the official agreement of partnership would allow more thorough research regarding “opportunities of supersonic and hypersonic aviation.”

Specifically, the British engine juggernaut seeks to explore Reaction Engines’ thermal management technology within both its existing and future turbine designs.

“Reaction Engines’ thermal management skills, added to our suite of existing technologies and capabilities, will further assist us as we explore opportunities in supersonic and hypersonic aviation,” Thompson said.

Mark Thomas, Chief Executive of Reaction Engines, believes that the cooperation between the two companies can serve in producing a model of more sustainable aviation. The thermal management technology works to deliver better heat transfer capabilities at a lower weight and compact size. This could be huge for aerospace innovation as it would allow new aircraft to shed unnecessary weight while improving engine efficiency.

“We look forward to expanding our international collaboration with Rolls-Royce, a global leader in power systems, to bring to market a range of applications that will transform the performance and efficiency of aircraft engines and enable high speed – supersonic and hypersonic – flight,” Mark added.

This announcement follows Rolls-Royce’s recent partnerships with Boom Supersonic and Virgin Galactic.


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