‘Aggressive’ United Airlines pax bites flight attendant forcing plane to divert

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A passenger had to be restrained on a United Airlines flight after biting a flight attendant and swearing at other travelers. The incident, which occurred on July 9, 2024, led to the flight being diverted to Orlando. 

Flight UA 762 was en route to Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) from Miami International Airport (MIA). 

The plane was still flying over the Florida region when the female passenger went on a rampage, biting a flight attendant and screaming profanities at other passengers.

Footage of the incident, captured by a passenger on the flight, has since been shared across social media. 

Flight attendants can be seen attempting to restrain the unruly passenger before the woman tries to bite the uniform of a male flight attendant.

The passenger was able to bite off part of the flight attendant’s uniform and can be seen spitting out the piece of cloth. She then began yelling at fellow passengers as the two flight attendants dragged her towards the front of the plane. 

The video then cuts to a separate clip, presumably showing what occurred before the biting incident, where the passenger can be seen with her hands behind her back, as a flight attendant secures what appears to be a zip tie around her wrists. 

The passenger can be heard shouting and asking why she is being handcuffed. Her anger then turns towards other passengers as she is heard yelling, “Lady, go back to Russia”. 

image: FlightAware

The flight was forced to perform an unplanned emergency landing at Orlando International Airport (MCO), where police officers boarded the aircraft. The final part of the footage shows passengers clapping in relief as the disruptive woman was taken by authorities.

Flight crew were replaced and the flight was able to proceed to Newark. In all, the chaotic episode caused a three-and a half hour delay. 

The airline confirmed the incident, stating that flight UA 762 stopped in Orlando after a passenger became “aggressive and disruptive”.

“Our flight attendants worked to de-escalate the situation and protect other customers and after landing in Orlando, law enforcement met the flight, and the passenger was removed,” the airline said.

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