American Airlines offers $50 to woman forced to wipe pax’s vomit off her bags

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A woman who recently flew with American Airlines has taken to social media to share details about a “horrific flight” where she had to endure sitting behind an “intoxicated, verbally abusive woman”.

“American Airlines allowed this intoxicated, verbally abusive woman on my flight despite removing one of her friends,” the woman, named Nicole Schreib, said in a post on X (formerly Twitter). 

But what horrified Schreib more was that the intoxicated woman ended up throwing up on the floor and over her bags. Schrieb had to wipe the passenger’s vomit from her personal belongings, and claimed the airline offered her $50 credit as compensation for her “horrific” experience.

“Here she is calling the two men in her aisle “pu**ies” prior to puking on the floor and my bags – $50 credit is all they offered as compensation,” Schreib said.

American Airlines saw her post and replied, saying it was “sorry to hear” that Schreib was not satisfied by the airline’s resolution of her claim and advised her to reply to an email sent to her.

Schreib responded stating that she had already contacted the airline and continued to say that the “horrific flight” included “wiping that woman’s vomit off my personal belongings”.

The airline replied to her, saying that its customer relations department has the final say in these matters.

No compensation on another incident

It appears that Schreib was actually fortunate to have been offered $50 credit by American Airlines.

In October 2023, another passenger flew with the airline and said that a passenger defecated in the aisle next to her, and that the airline was “refusing” to compensate her.

An increase in revolting episodes

These incidents are not isolated to American Airlines. Unfortunately, there seems to be an increase in incidents involving human bodily fluids on flights after the pandemic. 

On December 3, 2023, a woman was forced to clean up blood that was found on her Air Transat seat. In July 2023, a man discovered blood in the aircraft floor of an Air France flight, and was also told to clean up the mess.

In September 2023, Air Canada apologized to passengers that were kicked off a flight after they refused to sit in seats covered in vomit.

An analysis by The Washington Post credits the uptick in these unsavory experiences to a number of factors: too many people traveling after the pandemic, sick people traveling during the pandemic and shortage of labor (aircraft cleaners).

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