Supply chain and aftermarket insights with CEO, Toma Matutyte

Aviation supply chain and aftermarket insights with CEO, Toma Matutyte
Toma Matutyte, Chief Executive Officer of

The aviation industry operates within a complex global supply chain, comprising various entities, processes, and resources. This intricate network involves sourcing raw materials, fabricating aircraft components, managing logistics, or conducting maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services. 

Aviation aftermarket services encompass a broad spectrum of activities, including MRO services, spare parts provision, component repairs, and technical support. These services are delivered by specialized entities such as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), independent MRO providers, and suppliers. 

Platforms like serve as vital hubs within the aviation supply chain ecosystem. effectively brings together multiple stakeholders, including OEMs, MROs, airlines, and suppliers, providing a centralized platform for streamlined collaboration, procurement, and exchange of aviation-related services and products. By consolidating these players into one cohesive hub, facilitates smoother operations, enhances efficiency, and fosters synergies across the aviation supply chain. 

Toma Matutyte, Chief Executive Officer of was established in 2010 as an aviation marketplace with a wide range of aircraft parts and repair services that cater to commercial, OEM, MRO, military, and general aviation segments. Today, the platform boasts over 20,000 users, and is the preferred choice among distributors, traders, and MRO professionals, making up 71% of its user base, all while holding an inventory of over 100M unique civil and military line parts. is also a subsidiary of Avia Solutions Group, the world’s largest ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) provider, with a fleet of 212 aircraft, and a parent company of SmartLynx, Avion Express, Bluebird Nordic, BBN Indonesia Airlines, KlasJet, Magma Aviation and more. 
In an AeroTime interview, Toma Matutyte, Chief Executive Officer of offered insight into the global aviation supply chain and growth of the aircraft aftermarket. She detailed the company’s focus on improving its platform efficiency and adding maintenance and manufacturing slots to its platform. 
Matutyte noted that expects to further its integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to its platform, backed by the growing influence of data and digitalization in the industry. 
“We have more opportunities to implement digital solutions,” Matutyte said. “These solutions will allow us to do much more with our systems.” 
As the aviation industry continues to embrace technological advancements and expand its global reach, remains poised to play a central role in shaping its future. With a clear vision of helping market players to further optimize their operations and excel in streamlining procurement processes, while, on the part of, further enhancing efficiency, providing exceptional customer service, and fostering a vibrant community of aviation professionals, it’s a platform which will undoubtedly continue to drive the industry forward, fostering growth and success for years to come. 
Watch the full interview. 

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