Passenger freaks out on flight; makes wild claims cabin crew is “not human”

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The aviation industry has seen some bizarre passenger behavior over the last couple of years: attacking cabin crew over lack of champagne, throwing tantrums because of meal choices, and insisting a flight passenger is not real. 

This latest incident, however, is a first. A passenger on a Chinese carrier had a panic attack onboard, wildly claiming that one of the flight attendants on board was “not human” and that he had seen her change batteries.

The chaotic scene was caught on video and uploaded on Chinese social media channels, eventually making its way to TikTok.


This video was recorded on a China airline on July 2023 recently, it said that they man wend mad after he saw cabin crew lady change her battery on the curtain back, and he called the cabin lady name diretcly even she did’nt wear a name tag on her chest, that’s why man emphasized that it’s loop.🥶🥶🥶

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Though the carrier was not identified, the video caption said this was a July 2023 flight. 

The video shows curious passengers standing and trying to see the commotion in front of the plane, where the man can be heard wildly screaming while making perplexing claims. 

One of the odd claims he made was that he was caught in a “time loop,” and that this specific flight was already the “sixth cycle.” 

Like a plot from a sci-fi movie, the passenger claimed that this particular flight had already happened, and it was going to crash “just like MH370”, and that he was sent back in time to warn everybody. 

As wild and ridiculous as his declerations are, his claims made fellow passengers worry so the flight was eventually canceled. 

Here is a video which includes a translation of the man’s dialogue from a Mandarin-speaking TikToker:


#stitch with @Allen sorry if it’s not too accurate, if anyone has any more info leave it in the comment section #chinaarlines #airplanefreakout

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