Qatar Airways eliminates controversial employee uniform social media ban

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Qatar Airways CEO Badr Mohammed Al Meer is continuing to fulfill his promise of heralding a new era at the airline after taking over the leadership role in November 2023.

The Doha-based airline will now allow employees to post photographs of themselves wearing the company uniform on social media. 

Under the 27-year reign of former Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker, employees caught posting photographs of themselves wearing the airline uniform on social media could be fired. 

In 2015, an anonymous Qatar Airways employee told The Guardian: “People get sacked daily for many stupid reasons, such as posting a picture in uniform, from a flight, your accommodation, having tattoos…” 

A Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew Lounge, a Facebook group for aviation professionals with 1.3 million members, posted a call-out to Qatar Airways employees asking them to post a uniform selfie now that the controversial rule has been dropped.

In November 2023, the airline relaxed its authoritarian curfew for cabin crew, removing the 04:00-07:00 curfew during days off and annual leave. Crew are still required to remain in their accommodation for nine hours (instead of 12) before a flight duty.

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