Water rains down on Air India B787 long-haul flight due to ‘condensation’

baldwhiner/ Twitter

Passengers received a rather damp surprise when a water leak occurred in the cabin of an Air India flight.

The incident took place on a flight from London-Gatwick Airport (LHR) to Sri Guru Ram Das Ji International Airport (ATQ) in Amritsar on November 24, 2023.

A video clip of the incident uploaded to X (formerly Twitter) shows water dripping onto passengers from the Boeing B787 aircraft’s overhead bins.

The poster mockingly dubbed the incident an “Immersive experience”. 

The post received varied reactions. Some speculated where the water might be coming from while others stated that they had not flown with Air India ever since the airline was taken over by the Tata Group conglomerate in 2022.

However, Air India issued a statement regarding the incident in which it claimed that the cabin rainfall was caused by “condensation”.

“Flight AI169 operating from Gatwick to Amritsar on 24th November 2023 had developed a rare occurrence of condensation adjustment inside the cabin. Some of our guests seated in the affected rows were promptly relocated to other vacant seats and given the circumstances, the cabin crew made every effort to make the guests comfortable. Air India is committed to the safety and comfort of guests on board and we regret this unexpected incident,” the statement reads. 

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