Security officers shot a man who seized a soldier's gun at Paris Orly (ORY) airport on the 18th of March after he had shot and wounded a policewoman during a routine check, according to Reuters.

French Minister of Internal Affairs Bruno le Roux disclosed to reporters that the assailant was known to intelligence services. The attacker whose name is still not known to the public is reportedly described as a radical Islamist by the police. An investigation was opened by France's anti-terrorism prosecutor.

The Parisian airport was promptly evacuated, with security officers sweeping the area for explosives, which the attacker might have gotten inside, but none were found.

Due to the incident, around 3000 people were evacuated and flights were suspended from both of Orly's terminals, with a number of flights diverted to Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport.

So far, no known terrorist group has taken responsibility for the attack.

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