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Kristina Kirkliauskaite
Who is the world's youngest in the aviation industry?

It is pretty sweet to be the youngest in the family or a group of friends. Although what about being the youngest in the aviation industry? From having the world's youngest fleet to being an 26-year-old commercial airline captain. The aerospace industry has to offer not only the youngest generation of professional pilots but also brings new and modern airlines every year. In this article, get to know more about the world's youngests in th...

Kristina Kirkliauskaite
Top 5 free online aviation courses

It is always pleasant to learn new things when and where you want. Nowadays the internet gives this opportunity and also suggests an enormous amount of audio and video content that is dedicated to education. Also, the rise of online courses allows learning many relevant studies for free. ...

AeroTime Team
The new normal promises turbulent times for airports

As air traffic volumes and aeronautical revenue streams dry up, airports find themselves under increasing credit stress. Julyana Yokota, Senior Director, Infrastructure, at S&P Global Ratings, examines the long-term outlook for airports’ recovery....